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Tue Nov 14 2023

What is VPS hosting? What is "the cloud"?

In this article, we aim to explain what is virtualization and the benefits that ServerPoint's ColossusCloud brings to the modern era of cloud computing.

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Mon Nov 13 2023

Our fastest-growing region: Singapore data center

Discover why our Singapore data center region is leading our global expansion and how it's becoming the preferred choice for businesses in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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Sat Nov 11 2023

Optimizing with custom SSD RAID storage in dedicated servers

Discover how our tailored SSD RAID storage solutions in dedicated servers offer enhanced performance and significant cost savings for our clients.

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Wed Nov 08 2023

Xen is reaching EOL at ColossusCloud

Explore our journey from Xen to KVM virtualization, understand the benefits of the transition, and learn how we're supporting clients through the change.

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Sun Nov 05 2023

New G4 series high speed virtual servers in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Explore the latest addition to our hosting solutions: the G4 series virtual servers in Amsterdam, Netherlands, featuring state-of-the-art Intel Xeon Gold processors.

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Sat Nov 04 2023

Discover the advantages of over a decade providing Windows VPS hosting services

Unveil the power and flexibility of our Windows VPS hosting, ideal for a variety of applications, backed by robust Microsoft technology and reliable storage.

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Mon Oct 30 2023

The Infomart building in Dallas: Texas' premier data center facility, and our choice for our Dallas virtual server hosting

Explore the historical and current importance of the Infomart building in Dallas, Texas as the top networking hub in the south of the United States; an ideal location for our cloud computing platform, ColossusCloud.

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Mon Oct 30 2023

Ashburn, Virginia: the data center capital of the world

Learn why Ashburn, Virginia, is a key player in the data center industry and how our Ashburn location benefits your virtual servers.

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Fri Oct 27 2023

Case study: Intel Xeon Gold dedicated servers for single threaded applications

A look at how we developed a tailored computing solution with Intel Xeon Gold 6244 processors, Supermicro servers, and advanced network capabilities for improved server to server communications.

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Mon Oct 23 2023

Elevate your server's security with our FREE DDoS protection service

Upgrade to superior server protection with our new DDoS mitigation service, ensuring your business remains online and performs at its best.

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