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The Infomart building in Dallas: Texas' premier data center facility, and our choice for our Dallas virtual server hosting

Jonathan - Engineering

Infomart Dallas: a premier networking hub in Texas for our cloud computing platform

Located in the heart of Texas, Infomart Dallas has transformed from an ambitious architectural project in 1985 into the premier networking hub of the state. Its inspiration from London's Crystal Palace has made it an iconic building with a rich history in telecommunications and IT infrastructure.

The evolution of Infomart Dallas

Infomart Dallas's journey from a visionary concept to a critical piece of telecommunications infrastructure is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of technology. Now under the ownership of Equinix, it has become the top location for companies like us to host our servers and network equipment.

Why Infomart stands out

As a key telecommunications facility, Infomart Dallas offers unrivaled connectivity and a central location for carriers to meet. It's an ideal environment for our clients to deploy Linux and Windows virtual servers, ensuring that they benefit from robust infrastructure and strategic network connections.

New upgrades

We just recently did a major overhaul of this facility, increasing internal network capacity using 100gbps ports, as well as upgrading to faster CPUs and increasing RAM capacity.

Also chosen by the big cloud providers

This location, as well as the new Equinix facility recently built right next to Infomart, also hosts some of the big providers in the industry, such as Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure. If you need quick access to servers hosted by them, then our Dallas, Texas data center region is perfect to deploy virtual servers.

Deploying with confidence at Infomart Dallas

Choosing Infomart Dallas means access to a facility known for its security, connectivity, and prime location. Our clients enjoy the flexibility of deploying Linux and Windows virtual servers in a setting that supports and enhances their business operations.

How to take advantage of this facility?

To explore how you can benefit from this premier location, visit and sign up or log in with your existing account. You will be able to deploy Linux and Windows virtual servers at our Dallas facility within minutes. You can also learn more about this location and everything it offers at our Dallas, Texas data center page.