Linux VPS Hosting

The top names in the business all run on Linux. When using the most popular distributed applications, such as Hadoop, Redis, or management platforms such as Docker or Kubernetes, Linux is always the base operating system for it.

Linux virtual private cloud servers

The next generation of VPS Hosting: scalable, customizable

General purpose virtual servers

These are virtual servers with a good balance of RAM and CPU, for small and medium usage. They are also great for multi-threaded applications, such as hosting many websites for your clients.


2 Xeon E5 vCPUs


30 GBs SSD Disk

2 TBs Transfer





2 Xeon E5 vCPUs


50 GBs SSD Disk

3 TBs Transfer





4 Xeon E5 vCPUs


80 GBs SSD Disk

4 TBs Transfer



Most Popular!


8 Xeon E5 vCPUs


160 GBs SSD Disk

6 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

12 GBs RAM

200 GBs SSD Disk

8 TBs Transfer




Storage optimized virtual servers

When you need to store large amounts of data, these virtual servers can provide terabytes of space. They also include a generous amount of CPU power and RAM.


2 Xeon E5 vCPUs


500 GBs SSD Disk

3 TBs Transfer





4 Xeon E5 vCPUs


1000 GBs SSD Disk

4 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs


2000 GBs SSD Disk

6 TBs Transfer




High memory optimized virtual servers

When your application needs a lot of RAM, these virtual servers will do the work. These are great for large RAM based databases, caching servers and gaming.


8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

16 GBs RAM

300 GBs SSD Disk

10 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

32 GBs RAM

400 GBs SSD Disk

12 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

48 GBs RAM

400 GBs SSD Disk

14 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

64 GBs RAM

500 GBs SSD Disk

16 TBs Transfer





8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

96 GBs RAM

700 GBs SSD Disk

20 TBs Transfer



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Linux on ColossusCloud: a feature rich platform

The power of hundreds, or thousands, of Linux servers, available with just one click


Deploy Linux based virtual servers at four data centers in the US, plus Amsterdam and Singapore.
Daily backups

Daily backups

Protect your critical data with ColossusCloud's daily backup feature.
Our own platform

Our own platform

From our decades of expertise in software development, we wrote ColossusCloud to be reliable and stable.
SSD distributed storage

SSD distributed storage

Powered by Ceph, all of your virtual servers' disk and contents are stored across multiple SSD disks and physical servers.
Fast deployment

Fast deployment

It just takes a minute or two for your new Linux virtual server to come online.
The reliability of Linux

The reliability of Linux

There is no doubt that the Internet's most prosperous services all run on top of Linux operating systems.

Fully automated cPanel installation

cPanel is the industry's leading web manager control panel, making it easy for you to create web hosting accounts, manage email servers, create web hosting reseller plans, and much more. And it is available for fully automated installation on the ColossusCloud platform.
We have only the most excellent experience with ServerPoint and their Linux cloud server service, We have been a customer for about 8 months now, and are extremely satisfied with everything. We have started now to transfer all our, earlier elsewhere placed hosting services, email hosting and Linux virtual servers to ColossusCloud as we truly value the superior technical expertise and customer services they provide.
Tuomo A.

Deploy one, or hundreds, of virtual servers, worldwide

Deploy Linux and Windows VPS hosting service at any of our
worldwide locations
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    Silicon Valley, California
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    Las Vegas, Nevada
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Your favorite Linux distributions are available

From Debian to RedHat, we got you covered

  • Debian 10Debian 10
  • Debian 11Debian 11
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTSUbuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTSUbuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTSUbuntu 22.04 LTS
  • AlmaLinux OSAlmaLinux OS
  • Centos 7Centos 7
  • Rocky LinuxRocky Linux

The Internet's top network providers

Our 6 data centers around the world are connected to the Internet via the world's top providers. Each location is fully redundant and powered by multiple 10/40g uplinks
our network is powered by cogent, NTT, telstra and zayoour network is powered by cogent, NTT, telstra and zayoour network is powered by cogent, NTT, telstra and zayoour network is powered by cogent, NTT, telstra and zayoour network is powered by cogent, NTT, telstra and zayo

Frequently asked questions

But isn't a Linux "instance", "cloud", "droplet", "virtual server", or "virtual machine" better than a Linux VPS?

Shocking truth: they are all the same. Amazon AWS calls their Linux virtual servers an "instance", Microsoft's Azure calls them "virtual servers", and we call them "virtual servers" also. The term "VPS", or virtual private server, is just another name for an operating system running within a virtualized environment.

How quick can I deploy a Linux VPS?

Fast! It only takes a minute or two for your Linux virtual server to begin responding to ping and SSH will respond just seconds after.

Is cPanel available?

Absolutely! And its installation is fully automated. When deploying a Linux virtual server with CentOS, just choose the "Install cPanel" option and it will be ready for you within an hour (cPanel's installation can take a long time!).

Is Ubuntu 18 LTS available? CentOS 7?

We make sure the latest of your favorite Linux distros are available in our platform. The latest versions of Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu are ready for you to deploy.

Is there a private network between the virtual servers?

Yes, and it is configured in interface eth1. Private networking will work within Linux, and Windows, virtual servers within the same data center.

How is the service billed?

We bill all servers by the hour. As an example, this means you can deploy servers with different Linux operating systems for just a day to test a new version of your application and then just delete them. To begin, you first make a "deposit" into your account, for example, $25, and as the hours go by, we deduct the hourly price of each of your Linux virtual servers from that deposit. Before the deposit runs out, we will automatically refill your account by charging your credit card for an amount equal to the next 30 days of service. You may also pay by PayPal.