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Optimizing with custom SSD RAID storage in dedicated servers

Jonathan - Engineering

Tailored SSD RAID storage for dedicated servers: a client's success story

In our quest to deliver the most efficient dedicated server solutions, we recently partnered with a client who needed a custom server solution focusing primarily on SSD storage. The client emphasized the need for speed and reliability, choosing SSDs over traditional hard drives for their extensive 28TB storage requirement. To accommodate this, we turned to Supermicro's BigTwin platform, ideal for housing our dual Xeon E5 and Xeon Gold processors and allowing up to 6 SSDs per node.

Addressing the need for expansive SSD storage

To fulfill the client's 28TB storage need, we configured six 7.68TB Samsung SSDs in a RAID6 formation. This arrangement was specifically chosen for its fast data access speeds and overall reliability, significantly boosting server performance over older hard drive technologies.

The advantages of RAID6 with SSDs

Opting for SSDs in a RAID6 configuration brought the client's server an impressive blend of speed and durability. SSDs excel in reducing read and write times, crucial for handling large-scale data with efficiency. Meanwhile, RAID6's ability to withstand the failure of up to two disks simultaneously ensures continuous operation and data safety, an essential feature for maintaining critical business functions.

Significant cost benefits with a customized RAID6 SSD solution

Our custom-built SSD RAID6 server provided the client not just with a high-performance solution but also notable cost savings, particularly when compared to equivalent setups from major cloud service providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Compute. This case underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, tailored server solutions that align with specific client needs while offering significant economic advantages.

If you're considering a dedicated server with specific storage requirements or wish to learn more about our customizable server options, please sign up at ServerPoint's Client Portal and open a ticket with our professional sales team. Our experienced team is ready to guide you through creating a server that meets your exact specifications and performance needs.