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Our fastest-growing region: Singapore data center

Jonathan - Engineering

Singapore data center: Leading our global expansion

We're delighted to inform our clients that our Singapore data center region is now the fastest-growing part of our network. This surge is a clear indicator of the strategic importance and robust demand in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly for businesses looking for a central hub in internet connectivity.

The strategic importance of Singapore

Singapore's ascent as a key internet hub is no surprise. Its central location in Asia, top-notch infrastructure, and strong business environment make it an attractive point for international connectivity. For businesses operating in or expanding to Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia, our Singapore data center offers unparalleled access and speed.

Exceptional connectivity for Southeast Asia and beyond

Deploying Windows and Linux virtual servers in Singapore means your business benefits from very low latency connections to neighboring countries. Our Singapore network, powered by renowned partners like Telstra,, and PCCW, ensures excellent connectivity across the entire Southeast Asia region, making it perfect for businesses targeting this dynamic market.

Our Singapore data center is also fully protected against DDoS attacks by the cloud DDoS filtering services of Path.Net's network.

Equinix: Our hosting partner in Singapore

Our commitment to providing reliable and secure data center services is exemplified by our partnership with Equinix. Equinix' SG3 facility in Singapore is where our data center is located, known for its state-of-the-art design, robust power systems, and advanced security measures. This premier facility, combined with Singapore's stable business environment, guarantees reliable business continuity for our clients.

Join our growing network in Singapore

As our Singapore data center region continues to expand rapidly, we invite you to be part of this growth. Whether you're looking to improve your reach in Southeast Asia or require a reliable, high-speed server deployment in the region, our Singapore data center is ready to support your needs.

To explore how you can benefit from our fastest-growing data center region and deploy your Windows or Linux virtual servers with low latency and high reliability, visit ServerPoint's Client Portal. We're here to support your expansion into one of the most dynamic regions in the world.