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Xen is reaching EOL at ColossusCloud

Jonathan - Engineering

Progressing to a Unified Platform: completing the shift from Xen to KVM

Years back, we set a course towards a more efficient and scalable hosting future by transitioning from Xen to KVM virtualization technology. This shift has allowed all new virtual servers to benefit from the enhanced capabilities of KVM, known for its performance and dependability. Yet, in our commitment to client service, we've maintained support for our legacy Xen platform for existing clients.

Choosing KVM's advanced capabilities over Xen

We adopted KVM due to its superior feature set, focusing on efficiency, scalability, and heightened security. Its capacity to evolve with technological progress affirms our commitment to offering our clients the most advanced virtual server technology available.

Commitment to client support during the Xen to KVM transition

Even though we stopped deploying new servers on Xen some time ago, we've sustained our support for this older platform to guarantee a seamless transition for our loyal users. Now, as we aim to optimize our service delivery and focus solely on KVM, we believe it's time to retire Xen completely.

Guiding clients from Xen to KVM

From mid-2024 onwards, we're gearing up to assist clients in transitioning from Xen-based servers to the more contemporary and robust KVM platform. Our dedicated team is prepared to ensure this migration is as straightforward and disruption-free as possible, providing support at every turn.

Initiating your transition to KVM

If you're still operating Xen-based servers, rest assured that setting up new servers on KVM is straightforward. All new deployments over recent years have been automatically configured on our KVM infrastructure. While there isn't a direct conversion path from Xen to KVM, setting up a new KVM server and transitioning your data manually is a clear and supported process. Our staff will be happy to assist.

The rationale behind a unified KVM focus

By consolidating our hosting services under KVM, we're able to sharpen our focus on delivering a single, state-of-the-art platform that embodies peak performance, security, and feature-rich hosting solutions. For those still on Xen and contemplating the switch, or for more information about the benefits of KVM, please visit our portal at Our team is ready to assist you with every aspect of your hosting upgrade.