Windows 10 VPS Hosting.

Windows 10 is certainly Microsoft's greatest desktop operating system. It is fast, very stable and lighter than its predecessors.

Windows 10 is now available to be deployed as a virtual server within the ColossusCloud platform. It only takes a single click to deploy one, and takes less than 5 minutes to be ready for you.

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Windows 10 Virtual Private Cloud Servers.

The next generation of VPS Hosting: scalable, customizable.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you recommend Windows 10 over other desktop editions of Windows?

Absolutely! Microsoft did an amazing job with Windows 10. It is efficient, light and stable. Windows 10 is what we recommend for all your application needs. If for some reason your application will not run on the latest and best, try also our Windows 7 VPS.

Deploying a Windows 10 virtual server at ColossusCloud; how does this work?

Normally, you would have a computer in your office running Windows 10. When you order a cloud virtual server with Windows 10, a fully functional copy of Windows 10 exists within our cloud platform. You would then access this Windows 10 with a utility called Remote Desktop, which is most likely already in your computer (Mac or Windows). Once you run this utility from your physical computer, you put in the necessary credentials, and you hit "Go", you will see on your local computer the Windows 10 desktop coming from our cloud platform. It's as if you were sitting right in front of one of our servers.

How fast will it be?

Quite! However, always take into account the fact that the Windows 10 virtual server is on a server "far" from you, not right in front of you, and that you are accessing it via your local Internet provider. If your Internet is slow, well, accessing the remote desktop of the cloud Windows 10 server will also be slow. Also, out of our 6 global data centers, choose the one that is closest for better performance. The closer it is, the faster it will be.

How much RAM and CPU do you recommend?

If you will be using a web browser inside the remote Windows 10 cloud virtual server, we recommend at least 8GBs of RAM and four CPUs. Web browsers are notorious for using a lot of RAM! Otherwise, we don't recommend less than 4GBs of RAM.
Time and again, ServerPoint has gone above and beyond to help out. There was a issue with a third party software that they didn't HAVE to help out with, but really got me out of a big bind. I knew I was over my head, and Jay was there to set things right. I continually refer this company to others who need hosting because of the excellent customer service and knowledge of all things internet. Thank you!
An Easy Control Panel

An Easy Control Panel.

Manage Your Windows 10 VPS Hosting, Beautifully.

  1. Information about Windows' RAM, CPU and disk usage.
  2. Scalability: ability to deploy hundreds of Windows and Linux virtual servers.
  3. Daily backup protection for both Linux and Windows.
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The Professional Windows Server Provider.

We are fully licensed by Microsoft to provide any of their productivity software, operating systems and server software. Ask our team to install Microsoft Office, SQL and many more.

We currently manage thousands of Windows VPS servers, including Windows 10, as well as tens of thousands of other Windows installations. We've been doing this for over a decade, and our expertise goes beyond most of our competitors.

Windows 10 on ColossusCloud:
a Feature Rich Platform.

Run your favorite Windows desktop applications, in the cloud.

Multi Region

Deploy Windows 10 virtualized servers at any of our 6 regions. The closer the virtual server is to you, the faster it will be.

Daily Backups

Protect the priceless information within your Windows 10 VPS with our daily backup service.

Our own Platform

We created ColossusCloud to provide the highest performance and reliability possible for your Windows virtual servers.

A Remote Windows 10 Virtual Server.

Install and run your company's Windows based applications and work with them from anywhere.
remote desktop vps hosting

Accessing your Windows 10 remote desktop is quite easy. From your Windows computer, find an application called "Remote Desktop Connection". If you are using a Mac, just install the free "Microsoft Remote Desktop" app from the AppStore.

Once you do that, enter the username and password you set up during the deployment of your new Windows server. Within seconds, the virtual server's Windows 10 desktop will show up. Then, just use the server as you would any other Windows 10 operating system.