Remote Desktop Hosting

You are most likely looking for the ability to use Microsoft's Remote Desktop to log in to a Windows server (either Windows 10, Windows 7 or a Windows Server like Windows 2016) and be able to install and use your apps without having to be sitting in front of your physical computer.

Then what you are looking for is a VPS, or virtual private server. Within our cloud platform, ColossusCloud, you can buy a Windows VPS, which will be hosted at any of our six data centers, and then you can use Remote Desktop to log in to it, from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your laptop.

Install apps/applications such as Quickbooks and let your bookkeepers and accountants log in from their offices, or your point of sales application. The possibilities are endless.

And don't forget to enable our backup service, which will backup your remote Windows on a daily basis, in order to protect your data.

We are one of the leading and best Windows remote desktop hosting service providers in the industry. Buy/rent your Windows VPS today and trust your business needs to us!

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Windows Virtual Private Cloud Servers for Remote Desktop Hosting.

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ServerPoint has hosted the website for a non-profit I volunteer for. I do not have a background in programming or building websites but working with the website is one of the roles I fill for the non-profit. When I have problems getting something to work, I fill out a ticket describing my problem and asking for step by step instructions to resolve the issue. The tech support people at Serverpoint are consistently fast, thorough and detailed in their responses and stay with me until the problem is solved.
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Deploy a Remote Desktop Solution at Six Locations Around the World

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The Professional Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Hosting Solutions Provider.

Contact us and tell us about your needs to log in remotely to your apps. Our Windows VPS hosting services is the perfect solution to your remote desktop hosting needs.

We currently manage thousands of Windows VPS servers, and many are used for remote logging into applications. We've been doing this for over a decade, and our expertise goes beyond most of our competitors.

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ColossusCloud for Remote Desktop Hosting
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Host your applications in a Cloud Windows Server and allow your staff to remotely log in.

Multi Region

Deploy Windows virtual servers for remote desktop usage at any of our 6 data center locations. The closer the virtual server is to you and your staff, the faster it will be.

Daily Backups

Protect the valuable data within your Windows virtual server with our daily backup service.

Our own Platform

We created ColossusCloud to provide the highest performance and reliability possible for your Windows virtual servers.

A Remote Windows VPS Virtual Server.

Install and run your company's Windows based applications and work with them from anywhere.
remote desktop vps hosting

Accessing your Windows VPS remote desktop is quite easy. From your Windows computer, find an application called "Remote Desktop Connection". If you are using a Mac, just install the free "Microsoft Remote Desktop" app from the AppStore.

Once you do that, enter the username and password you set up during the deployment of your new Windows server. Within seconds, the virtual server's Windows VPS desktop will show up. Then, just use the server as you would any other Windows VPS operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I install my applications, such as Quickbooks?

Yes, however, be aware that some applications are not licensed to be used from a remote location in the cloud.

I have an ISO/CD/DVD For my app. How can I install it?

Remote Desktop allows you to mount a local CD/DVD drive from your physical computer onto the Windows server running in our cloud platform.

Can you help install my apps?

Absolutely! We have a variety of managed support plans that will give you access to our professional team.