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Low cost dedicated servers to begin building your private cloud.
Over 15 years of hosting private cloud infrastructures for our clients, at the lowest prices in the industry.

Frequently asked questions
related to our cheap dedicated servers.

In an era where all hosting companies are raising their prices, how do you have such low and cheap prices?

It is simple. We are privately owned and funded. Companies like Godaddy have a lot of investors to answer to, who are pressuring them to raise their prices.

These must be low quality servers or networking...

Not at all! All servers are made by Supermicro, with brand name RAM and enterprise SSDs powered by Samsung, Intel or Micron. As for our network, it is fully redundant, with MC-LAG (Multi Chassis Link Aggregation) at all levels of our network. This is also known as 802.1aq, or Shortest Path Bridging. We have terabits per second of capacity available!

Why go with a dedicated server infrastructure over the big cloud providers of the world?

Because of the higher performance: cloud providers sell you shared resources, so you will never get the high performance per dollar ratio you would get with a dedicated server.

Why do you offer dedicated servers only in Las Vegas, NV?

Our goal is to provide secure data storage and computing alternative. Aside from the great business climate of the state of Nevada, southern Nevada is part of a small territory of the United States that is free of most natural disasters, as well as possible man-made nuclear disasters. It is the perfect place to store your data. Plus, our customers love to write off their trips to Las Vegas as a business expense. Consult your accountant, of course.

Which operating systems can you install for us?

We recommend Windows 2012, Windows 2016, CentOS and Ubuntu. For other less popular operating systems, we suggest you take a look at our virtualization product, ColossusCloud.

Legacy Dedicated Servers

Legacy dedicated servers are older servers that we still keep in inventory, but we recommend only for non-critical usage.

The newest SSD Based
Dedicated Servers.

Dedicated Servers,
Storage Optimized and
S3 Compatibility, Powered Minio.

Private Network

20 gig Private Networking Free.

All non-legacy servers include dual, aggregated, 10 gigabit fiber connections to our network. This gives you an incredible network capacity for your distributed applications. Container platforms like Docker and Kubernetes, as well as database and storage servers such as Hadoop, Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, and Minio, will love your dedicated server's new network.

Powered by ScalableXn!

Powered by ScalableXn!

All new dedicated servers are now part of our new network platform.

Introducing ScalableXn, a network infrastructure that can handle terabits of network traffic per second. As software defined platforms grow in usage and capacity, the need for high amounts of internal data exchange has increased.

ScalableXn allows for redundancy and capacity, and it is included with all new dedicated servers.

Software such as MongoDB, Ceph, Minio, Hadoop, and others, will thrive with ScalableXn.

The optimal combination to manage
websites efficiently on your dedicated server.

cPanel & CloudLinux.

cPanel is no doubt the most popular software to manage your dedicated server. It allows for easy management of websites and essential services.

Couple that with CloudLinux' security and resource management, and they both make a great combination.

The NevadaAdvantage

The perfect place to store your data.

All our dedicated servers are hosted at our Las Vegas, NV facility, which is part of the United States' neutral disaster territory, extending from southern Nevada to northern Utah. It is the reason why government agencies, such as the NSA, build their data centers in this area of the country. Your precious data should be here also. Companies like eBay, Nintendo and others do so already.

Plus, visiting the city of Las Vegas may become a business tax write off for you. :)

  • No earthquakes
  • No nuclear power plants nearby that could melt down
  • No tornadoes
  • No hurricanes

Incredibly Easy and Simple to
Use Management Panel.

Informative. Flexible. Scalable. Manage your private cloud with easy.
Management Panel

It is so easy to manage your dedicated servers.

  1. Easily reboot your servers.
  2. View RAM, CPU and disk usage.
  3. Set reverse DNS.
  4. View bandwidth usage.

New dedicated server management features being added just about every month!

Management Panel

Make your life easier with Update Central.

There are new updates to your dedicated server's operating systems almost every day. Installing them across many servers is a very time consuming task.

Allow us to make your life easier with just one click. With's patent pending Update Central, our Client Portal will show how many updates are available for each of your dedicated servers. Just one click will get those updates installed automatically.

Management Panel

The information that you need!

  1. Exclusive resource information about your servers.
  2. View CPU and RAM usage.
  3. Easily view if your disk needs to grow.

See what is happening in your dedicated servers to ensure the best performance.