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Now available: our new VPS hosting service hosted on Intel Xeon Gold processors at 3.5Ghz!

Jonathan - Engineering

Launching the G4 series VPS: now at our Las Vegas, NV and Ashburn, VA locations, upgraded with Intel Xeon Gold 3.5Ghz CPUs!

We are excited to unveil the immediate availability of our new G4 series virtual servers, now enhanced with the powerful Intel Xeon Gold processors, at our data centers in Las Vegas, NV, and Ashburn, VA. Each of these upgraded CPU cores is clocked at 3.5Ghz, marking a significant leap from the previous 2.1Ghz cores.

This upgrade is ideal for software that relies heavily on single-threaded performance.

Consider PHP and, more specifically, WordPress environments. Sites using WordPress, often equipped with numerous plugins, typically demand considerable CPU resources for each visitor interaction. If your website is powered by WordPress, the G4 series VPS hosting now available in Las Vegas and Ashburn is tailored to optimize your site's performance!

This is also quite beneficial when deploying a Windows VPS that will run single threaded software, as many Windows based programs are.

Join us at our data centers in Las Vegas, NV, and Ashburn, VA to experience the latest in VPS technology!

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