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Ashburn, Virginia: the data center capital of the world

Jonathan - Engineering

Ashburn, Virginia: the heart of the data center industry

Did you know that 2/3s of the world's Internet content is served out of this small corner of the United States?

Ashburn, Virginia, might seem like a regular town, but it's a giant in the data center industry, famously known as the us-east-1 region by Amazon AWS. We've strategically placed our data center right in this vital location, amidst what's known as "data center alley," a bustling nerve center where a significant chunk of the world's internet traffic passes through.

The importance of Ashburn in the data center world

Ashburn is a top choice for data centers for several reasons:

  1. Network-rich environment: The area hosts an extremely dense concentration of Internet networks, serving as a major hub for global traffic.
  2. Reliable electricity: Essential for continuous data center operation, the region boasts a stable and reliable electricity supply.
  3. Data center alley: Over 100 data centers call this area home, earning it the nickname "data center alley" and marking it as the place to be for top-tier data center operations.

Our data center's home in Ashburn

Choosing Ashburn as the location of one our data centers brings unparalleled benefits, including enhanced connectivity, dependability, and a thriving technological ecosystem. Here, customers can deploy both Windows and Linux virtual servers, taking advantage of Ashburn's strategic position and robust infrastructure. We've been serving our VPS hosting services from this location for several years now.

New upgrades for our VPS hosting service at this location

We recently did a lot of upgrades at this facility, including new routers, 100gbps switches, more RAM capacity as well as faster CPUs. As usual, we commit to continuously improving our software stack, our hardware and network, for ever faster speeds, reliability and performance.

How to take advantage of this facility?

Just sign up. You may begin deploying Linux virtual servers or Windows virtual servers within minutes via our easy to use Client Portal. Check out our great prices on virtual server hosting services.

Ashburn, Virginia, isn't just a place; it's a critical hub in the data center domain. By hosting with us in this key location, you're connecting to a piece of the internet's backbone. Ready to harness the power of Ashburn for your virtual servers? Start by creating a free VPS hosting account at

You may also learn more about this location and everything it offers at our Ashburn, Virginia data center page.