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Ubuntu 22.04 now available for automatic installation on dedicated servers

Jonathan - Engineering

Good news for our dedicated server customers! Ubuntu 22.04, the latest version of one of the most popular Linux operating systems, is now available for automatic installation. When you order a dedicated server through our client portal's automatic deployment system, you can choose Ubuntu 22.04 as your operating system.

Why choose Ubuntu 22.04 on your dedicated server?

Ubuntu 22.04 comes with the latest features, security updates, and support. It's known for its stability and performance, making it a great choice for your server needs. Whether you're running web applications, databases, or anything in between, Ubuntu 22.04 provides a reliable and efficient foundation.

Easy and quick setup

Our automatic deployment system makes it simple and fast to get your server up and running with Ubuntu 22.04. No need to manually install the operating system or configure settings. Just select Ubuntu 22.04 when you order your server, and our system will take care of the rest.

Ready to take advantage of the latest Ubuntu has to offer? Order your dedicated server with Ubuntu 22.04 today and enjoy a powerful, stable, and secure hosting environment.

Get started here with your new Ubuntu 22.04 dedicated server!