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Protect the management of your virtual servers with two factor authentication!

Jonathan - Engineering

Elevate Your Security with Two-Factor Authentication at

In the dynamic world of cloud computing, ensuring top-tier security is paramount. That’s why we at are proud to unveil our latest feature: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via SMS. This addition isn't just about enhancing portal access; it's about safeguarding your entire digital infrastructure.

Comprehensive Protection Across the Board:

Your entire infrastructure is managed from ServerPoint's ColossusCloud Client Portal at But if your password ever gets stolen, or, a disgruntled employee wishes to cause you harm, you can now prevent such issues by ensuring two factor login protection for your account.

Activating Enhanced Security:

  1. Head to
  2. Upon logging in, navigate to the upper right corner and click on "Profile."
  3. Spot the Two-Factor Authentication option and follow the activation steps.

Incorporating 2FA isn't merely about adhering to best practices; it's a testament to our commitment to providing an environment where your cloud computing assets remain uncompromised. By protecting every facet, from storage to domain registrations, we aim to deliver peace of mind alongside unparalleled service.

Take a moment today to activate 2FA and fortify your digital landscape at Your future self will thank you!

Warmly, The Team