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The truth about free


Here's the truth: unlike standard web hosting, where a low end server can host thousands of web sites and some companies can offer such service for free, running virtual servers is a very expensive operation.

At ColossusCloud, virtual servers do not share resources. We also run all virtual servers in high performance, and expensive, SSD storage arrays, using powerful Xeon E5 servers with redundant power feeds. Not only that, but all traffic runs on top of a high performance 10g/40g network that most providers can't even afford to build. We built ColossusCloud for speed.

What does all of this mean? If you are looking for a free virtual server, or VPS as it is most commonly known, whether running Windows or Linux, you are out of luck. There is no such thing. Many companies will offer a trial for a certain period of time, but that is with the genuine intention that you are trying the service to become a full paying customer. Be prepared to talk to sales people often during this period.

There is also another very important reason why a free VPS doesn't exist: abuse. Unfortunately, a server can easily be considered a cyber weapon. It can be used to launch targeted attacks, to send out spam, illegally distribute movies over BitTorrrent, run web sites to help terrorists communicate with each other, and much more.

At ColossusCloud, we believe you should try a product before you buy it. Talk to one of our engineers or sales staff by clicking on the chat window at the bottom, let us know your needs and we will gladly give you a trial account to test out the awesome performance of ColossusCloud.