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The fastest alternative to Amazon, Azure and other VPS hosting alternatives.


The latest version of the ColossusCloud allows you to deploy virtual servers faster and with higher performance than ever before.

Some of the new exciting changes are:

  • Windows servers now deply faster than ever; in under ten minutes.
  • Real private network between your servers, between any data centers, based on VxLAN technology.
  • cPanel servers now deploy faster than before!
  • New backup system! ColossusCloud now does incremental daily backups and keeps 7 days worth of your data.
  • Faster SSD drives now at all of our data centers!
  • 24/7 technical support has been extended to our European data centers.

And what's coming in the near future?

  • New data centers in Silicon Valley, Singapore, London and others in 2016.
  • An easy firewall feature for your virtual servers.
  • Integration with Salt, Chef and Puppet.
  • Our new API!

ColossusCloud has never been faster. We have improved performance by over 30% in version 4.1.3. Fast disk I/O, better CPU utlization, and full 10G/40G networking in our LAN backbone. It is many times faster than the largest cloud providers out there.

Sign up today and use coupon CLOUD413 for a $25 credit.

We hope you enjoy the new ColossusCloud!