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The death of Windows 2003


When professionals learned that Microsoft was no longer providing security updates for Windows 2003 many chose to migrate their systems to cloud servers. While some have remained reluctant to make the much needed switch it is clear that Microsoft is no longer providing critical security updates and patches putting these companies are at risk. According to Ade Foxall, CEO of Camwood a portfolio management firm, the inevitable demise of Windows 2003 could be detrimental to the millions of servers that are currently running on the platform internationally. With the death of Windows 2003, IT departments reluctant to switch should be extremely concerned. According to Foxall, "After the recent migration away from Windows XP, IT departments should be more aware than ever of the dangers of using an out-of-date platform. And yet, the lack of awareness surrounding Server 2003 is about to pose an unprecedented security threat to businesses all over the world." These are grave concerns for the well over 3 million users on Windows Server 2003.

It is expected that nearly all of these companies will eventually switch their applications over to a virtual space. For some this may be daunting and confusing. At ColossusCloud our team of experts help clients determine the best solutions and assist in answering any questions they may have about migration and cloud services. Our team ensures that our clients are educated and fully prepared for any challenges they may face.

At ColossusCloud we not only provide our clients with an exceptional support system, we also provide users with powerful and reliable products. Our cloud servers are scalable and extremely flexible. We allow users to select your operating system, amount of RAM, disk or CPU resources. We also offer cPanel, which is automatically installed when a cloud server is deployed. Our servers are located in many convenient locations across the world to maximize performance and to allow professionals to be closer to their target audience. With just a few clicks users are able to access a fully configured Linux or Windows cloud server.

Unlike other VPS hosting services, ColossusCloud was designed from scratch and utilizes our own software and line of Colossus Enterprise Servers. We do not outsource our infrastructure to a third party and own, control and have physical access to all our servers and network infrastructure. We provide regular backups and updates, keeping professionals in control at all times. ColossusCloud servers provide the unparalleled tools, functionality, speed and reliability to allow professionals the freedom and autonomy to take control of their businesses and their lives. Ready to migrate from Windows Server 2003 to a cloud server? We've got you covered. Just click the link and our experts will provide you with a free trial to fit your needs. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to make the switch to the cloud! Windows 2003