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Coming soon: new G4 series virtual servers, with CPUs running faster than 3Ghz!

Jonathan - Engineering

Introducing the G4 Series Virtual Servers, Enhanced with 3.5Ghz Intel Xeon Gold CPUs!

Come early August, we're excited to unveil our latest addition to virtual server offerings: the G4 series, fueled by Intel's Xeon Gold processor. With each CPU core operating at a robust 3.5Ghz, this is a significant upgrade from our existing 2.1Ghz CPU cores.

This advancement is particularly advantageous for applications that predominantly operate within a single CPU core.

Take, for instance, PHP and most notably, WordPress. At times, WordPress sites can be overwhelmed with numerous plugins, demanding substantial CPU power whenever a user navigates to a page on a WordPress-based site.

For those running WordPress, our newly developed G4 series of VPS hosting emerges as the ideal answer to your requirements!

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