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Blog Low cost, cheap dedicated server hosting is dead.

There is no longer a need for dedicated servers priced below $100/month. But when you need a dedicated server, then take a look at our new line of dedicated servers at our parent company, ServerPoint.com.

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At ColossusCloud, we've built an incredible platform to deploy virtual servers. With the last few years of advancements and software improvements, we can now say that the performance of a virtual server surpasses that of a dedicated server at certain price ranges.

And we can say that with 100% certainty, because of our experience managing both ColossusCloud and the dedicated server hosting platform  at ServerPoint.com (ColossusCloud is a brand of ServerPoint.com).

At ServerPoint, we offer a variety of dedicated servers priced at under $60/mo, just like many other dedicated server providers in the industry. Normally, servers at this price range are older servers that are many years old. Usually, these servers run CPUs such as old AMD Athlons, Inter Core2Duos or Core2Quad, Atom processors, and other similar old technology processors.

But such old technologies can not compare with the power of the servers (also known as hypervisors) that we use for ColossusCloud: dual Xeon E5 processors, SSD based RAID storage and up to 384GBs of RAM per hypervisor.

When you compare a $60/month dedicated server, running a dual core Core2Duo processor, with 4GBs of RAM and a single disk, with a $60/month cloud virtual server at ColossusCloud, running on 4 Xeon E5 CPU cores and running on an SSD RAID array, you will certainly get better performance with ColossusCloud.

On top of that, at ColossusCloud, we guarantee to never oversubscribe our service.

Now, there are instances when a dedicated server makes more economical sense. For example, we have a client running Hadoop in approximately 40 Xeon E5 dedicated servers, each server with 36 hard disks (each of 4TB capacity) and all servers are connected to a private 10gbps network. That is something that would be extremely expensive to achieve with virtualization, specially in large cloud providers such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

So, if you are looking for a dedicated server priced below $100 per month, go virtual with ColossusCloud. It is just the logical thing to do. So much so that, at ServerPoint.com, we are planning on eliminating all dedicated servers priced below $100/month. It just does not make sense anymore. It's 2018. Cars don't fly yet, but server virtualization is amazing.

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