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In 2019: low cost, cheap dedicated server hosting is dead - long live dedicated servers & private cloud!


The public cloud has brought great advantages to our society: it has pushed computing further ahead than ever before. But it is mostly in the power of a few giant companies, which are maintaining great profit per client because the service is greatly oversold.

Companies are discovering that moving to the cloud isn't as affordable as they thought it was. Once they completed the move, they discovered they needed to deploy more, or bigger, virtual servers, to keep up with the fact that the service is oversold.

Now, their bills are running high. And companies are looking back to the way things were before, but with improvements.

A dedicated server strategy, or nowadays known as "private cloud" or "bare metal service", with virtualization or container technology running on top of it, provides many of the great advantages of the more expensive public cloud, at a fraction of the cost.

And thus, ColossusCloud is again offering dedicated servers, with more enhancements and improvements than ever before.

There is no doubt that here, at ColossusCloud, we've built an incredible platform to deploy virtual servers. With the last few years of advancements and software improvements, we can now say that the performance of a virtual server surpasses that of a dedicated server at certain price ranges: low priced virtual servers surpass the performance of the cheap dedicated servers of years past (those old price ranges of $50-$60/month).

But beyond that, it makes more sense to have a dedicated machine. A modern dedicated server at around $200/month will provide you with far more resources than $200's worth of virtual cloud servers.

And we can say this with 100% certainty, because of our experience managing both ColossusCloud and the dedicated server hosting platform at (ColossusCloud is a brand of

At ColossusCloud, we offer a variety of dedicated servers priced right, to provide you with a higher performance per dollar ratio than the cloud can, specially at large volumes.

An example of public versus private cloud.

For example, we have a client running Hadoop in approximately 40 Xeon E5 dedicated servers, each server with 24 hard disks (each of 8TB capacity) and all servers are connected to a private 10gbps network. That is something that would be extremely expensive to achieve with virtualization, specially in large cloud providers such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure (they were paying $400,000/month). At ColossusCloud, they are only paying about $50,000 per month.

Your technology options.

The basic technologies required for modern "cloud computing" are all available and included:

  • SSD disks, either individual, in RAID or Ceph clusters, are available in capacities up to 3.84TBs each disk.
  • Non-oversubscribed 10gig networking connecting your servers via a private network is now standard (dual, and load balanced, 10gig also available).
  • The latest Xeon Scalable Silver, Gold and Platinum editions, as well as Xeon E3 v6 processors are available.
  • Up to 768GBs of super fast DDR4 RAM per dedicated server.
  • Full redundant power and network.
  • And can be fully configured with container stacks such as Kubernets, or virtualization platforms such as VMware, OpenStack, Jelastic, private Azure and Hyper-V, Proxmox and others.

So, if you are looking for a dedicated server priced below $100 per month, go virtual with ColossusCloud's cloud VPS hosting service. It is just the logical thing to do. So much so that, at, we are planning on eliminating all dedicated servers priced below $100/month. It just does not make sense anymore.

But if your needs go beyond a few simple virtual servers, and will be spending at least $1,000 or more per month, call us. We will build you a private dedicated server cloud solution that will save you money and provide far better performance per dollar than the big names can.