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Now available: free DNS hosting now available in ServerPoint's Client Portal 6.1a

Jonathan - Engineering

Exciting news: free DNS hosting now available with ServerPoint's Client Portal release 6.1a

We're thrilled to bring you some exciting news from We are proud to introduce our brand-new Free DNS Hosting Service as part of the latest Client Portal Version 6.1a.

What's in it for you?

  • Complimentary DNS hosting: No hidden fees or extra costs. Manage your domain's DNS with ease, at no additional expense.

  • Effortless domain setup: Seamlessly point your domains to our services, whether it's virtual servers or WordPress, without any complications.

  • Robust DDoS protection: Our state-of-the-art DNS infrastructure comes with DDoS protection, ensuring the security of your DNS.

  • Lightning-fast anycast DNS: We're expanding our anycast network to deliver lightning-fast DNS resolutions worldwide.

  • Enhanced security: With DNSSEC and two-factor authentication, your domain's DNS is now more secure than ever before.

Why choose our DNS hosting?

DNS management can be complex, but we've simplified it and made it completely free. Plus, with our new security and speed enhancements, your website can perform better than ever.

Ready to experience it for yourself? Dive into the world of free DNS hosting by visiting

Cheers, The dedicated team at