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Faster CPUs and storage capacity added to our Silicon Valley, California west coast data center

Jonathan - Engineering

This weekend, our engineers performed a series of upgrades to our infrastructure in our west coast region data center, located in Silicon Valley, California, specifically, in Santa Clara. These upgraded will improve performance to our VPS hosting service as well as adding capacity for future growth.

CPU upgrades

Many of our older hypervisors were upgraded to Intel Xeon E5 v4 CPUs with more CPU cores, in order to add computational capacity. Many of your will experience better performance thanks to this!

SSD storage capacity

Our Ceph clusters have been expanded with more storage capacity than before. This means we will be able to better handle the growth of all our customers at this location. Not only that, but have increased disk I/O performance providing for faster data read and writes.

This completes our upgrades of all our USA based VPS hosting data center locations.

We hope you love the increase in performance! Deploy Linux and Windows virtual private servers at this data center, powered by our ColossusCloud platform. Sign up today at

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