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Elevate your server's security with our FREE DDoS protection service

Jonathan - Engineering

Introducing enhanced DDoS protection for your Windows and Linux virtual servers, as well as web hosting services and dedicated servers

Exciting developments for our valued customers! We've bolstered our services with an advanced DDoS protection feature, partnering with to ensure your servers are more secure and resilient against attacks.

What is a DDoS attack and why it matters to you?

DDoS attacks are a major threat to online stability, flooding your server with unwanted traffic to disrupt normal operations. These attacks can cause downtime, slow performance, and other issues that directly affect your website and business. That's where our new protection steps in, offering a robust shield to keep your operations smooth and reliable.

How our new DDoS protection fortifies your server

Our new service provides a multi-layered defense strategy for your servers:

  1. Immediate detection: Our system continuously monitors traffic to quickly spot potential DDoS patterns.
  2. Efficient traffic redirection: During an attack, we reroute traffic to's specialized scrubbing centers designed to handle and neutralize threats.
  3. Advanced filtering: Malicious traffic is filtered out, ensuring only legitimate requests reach your server.
  4. Seamless operation: Throughout this process, your services remain uninterrupted, maintaining performance and accessibility.

The advantage

By integrating's acclaimed DDoS mitigation technology, we're offering a service that's not just reactive but proactive. Their global network and advanced algorithms mean faster response times and smarter defense mechanisms for your servers. Learn more at Path.Net.

How to activate this service?

At this moment, it is being rolled out at several of our data centers and it is available at no cost. There is nothing you need to do to enjoy this level of protection. We will announce here whenever each of our data center regions is protected by Path.Net.

Scope of protection coverage

Eventually, this service will protect all Linux virtual servers, Windows virtual servers as well as dedicated server hosting at our Las Vegas, NV cloud data center.

To elevate your dedicated servers and VPS hosting service's defense against DDoS attacks and ensure uninterrupted service, sign up free at and get started with our advanced protection today.