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CloudLinux and cPanel: The Perfect Combination.


cPanel is one of the success stories of the web hosting industry. It is the leading software used to turn an ordinary CentOS based Linux server, whether it is a virtual server or a dedicated (bare meta) server, into a full fledged web hosting solution.

It fully automates creating users, web hosting accounts, DNS and email, and much more.

Here at, a brand of, we've been managing thousands of dedicated and virtual servers running cPanel. In our personal opinion, it works flawlessly at what it is supposed to do. However, there has always been one problem with it.

And it isn't the software, but some of the users you will host in your cPanel server. Some of your client's websites may abuse the resources of the server, and some, may just simply be the victims of major attacks.

When that happens, one single website can end up using up all the resources of a server, basically making the server unresponsive and unreachable, causing disruption to other websites hosted in the same server. It's what we call a runaway website. And it is an issue that, in most cases, the only way to solve the problem is to shut down such website. After, of course, finally getting access to the unreachable cPanel server, which isn't easy.

This problem amounts to downtime and unhappy clients.

Enter CloudLinux and its resource controlling technology. It basically controls the resources assigned to each website. Resources such as how much RAM a website will use, CPU allocation, and other parameters.

It completely eliminates the downtime caused by the runaway website problem.

CloudLinux is based on a Red Hat Linux distribution, just like CentOS, and thus it should be familiar to most administrators. In fact, you can easily convert a CentOS server into CloudLinux with one single command.

Best of all, cPanel is designed to take advantage of CloudLinux's technology and both companies cooperate with each other. In fact, cPanel is an authorized reseller of CloudLinux licenses.

Here at ColossusCloud and ServerPoint, we can provide you with the ultimate cPanel solution, powered by CloudLinux. For more information, visit our cPanel VPS page.

Don't ever run cPanel without CloudLinux. It may cost you a bit more, but it will save you from many headaches and damage to your company's reputation.