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VPS Hosting Powered by SSD!

Deploy the most popular Linux and Windows VPS on ColossusCloud, running on top of fast SSD drives.

Years ago, we got rid of all old style hard disks, and replaced all our storage needs with enterprise and data center edition SSDs.

It was a long migration, which took many months, but in the end, we improved the overall speed of our VPS hosting platform, ColossusCloud. Our clients now enjoy the faster I/O speeds offered by SSD storage.

Now, as the years pass, and our customer's data usage grows, we continue innovating in this field with extensive research on a variety of SSD models in the market.

Recently, we have evolved to begin using SSD disks with up to 3.84TBs of capacity, made by Samsung. You can see some of those at our Instagram page.

Not only that, but we use these SSDs in a distributed manner, using the powerful Ceph, a software defined storage system. It replicates the data used by each VPS three times and then distributes those three pieces across multiple servers and multiple SSDs. It doesn't matter if a SSD fails (and they do fail!) or a Ceph server fails, your VPS will continue operating as normal.

SSD greatly improves the disk I/O of your VPS, allowing for you to copy, move and delete files faster, for your applications to open a lot faster and for your applications to manipulate data at faster rates.

And with new KVM virtualization technology and VirtIO drivers, versus our old Xen based virtualization technology, your Linux and Windows VPS can enjoy even faster read/write speeds.

To begin deploying a new SSD based Linux or Windows based VPS server, sign up via the form to the left. You will be up and running in no time.

Deploy a SSD VPS Today!

The next generation of VPS Hosting: scalable, customizable.


  • Name
  • RAM
  • SSD Disk
  • Bandwidth
  • CPU
  • Price
  • G3.1
  • 1 GB
  • 30 GBs
  • 2000 GBs
  • 2 CPU Xeon E5 Cores
  • $5.00/month


  • G3.2
  • 2 GBs
  • 50 GBs
  • 3000 GBs
  • 2 CPU Xeon E5 Cores
  • $10.00/month


  • G3.4
  • 4 GBs
  • 80 GBs
  • 4000 GBs
  • 4 CPU Xeon E5 Cores
  • $20.00/month


  • G3.8 Most Popular!
  • 8 GBs
  • 160 GBs
  • 6000 GBs
  • 8 CPU Xeon E5 Cores
  • $35.00/month


  • G3.12
  • 12 GBs
  • 200 GBs
  • 8000 GBs
  • 8 CPU Xeon E5 Cores
  • $49.00/month


  • G3M.16
  • 16 GBs
  • 300 GBs
  • 10000 GBs
  • 8 CPU Xeon E5 Cores

    $60.00/month $80/month


    $80.00/month $100/month

  • G3M.32
  • 32 GBs
  • 400 GBs
  • 12000 GBs
  • 8 CPU Xeon E5 Cores

    $120.00/month $160/month


    $140.00/month $180/month

  • G3M.48
  • 48 GBs
  • 400 GBs
  • 14000 GBs
  • 8 CPU Xeon E5 Cores

    $180.00/month $240/month


    $200.00/month $270/month

  • G3M.64
  • 64 GBs
  • 500 GBs
  • 16000 GBs
  • 8 CPU Xeon E5 Cores

    $240.00/month $320/month


    $260.00/month $360/month

  • G3M.96
  • 96 GBs
  • 700 GBs
  • 20000 GBs
  • 8 CPU Xeon E5 Cores

    $300.00/month $480/month


    $320.00/month $530/month

  • Try us risk-free! You are protected by our 14 day money back guarantee!

  • For volume buyers, we can create custom sizes and prices specific to your needs! Contact Us!

Linux and Windows, together at last.

Your favorite Linux and Windows editions, available to deploy 24/7.

  • Linux & Windows VPS hosting
  • Centos 6

    Centos 7

    Debian 8

    Debian 9

    Fedora 26

    Ubuntu 14.04

    Ubuntu 16.04

    Ubuntu 18.04

  • Windows 7 Professional

    Windows 10

    Windows 2008 R2 Standard

    Windows 2012 R2 Standard

    Windows 2016 R2 Standard

SSD VPS Servers Available at 6 Locations Around the World.

Deploy your Linux or Windows servers closer to you and/or your target audience for the fastest performance.

  • Silicon Valley, California
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Ashburn, Virginia
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Singapore

our six locations where you can deploy your vps: silicon valley, las vegas, dallas, ashburn virginia, amsterdam and singapore

Coming Soon!

We are opening brand new locations in 2019 for our VPS hosting cloud platform! This includes more locations in America, Europe and Asia. Stay tuned!

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