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Try CentOS on our Cloud VPS Hosting Infrastructure!

Deploy the most popular CentOS releases on ColossusCloud!

RedHat, and its open source derivative, CentOS, is the most popular distribution of Linux in the enterprise market.

It is backed by RedHat, a multi billion dollar company solely dedicated to adapting Linux to the enterprise world, and they've done a great job at it.

CentOS is highly stable, but also familiar. CentOS does not always adopt the latest and most experimental; they keep in it what they know works well and stable.

The following versions of CentOS are available for deployment in our cloud VPS hosting platform, ColossusCloud:

  • CentOS 6
  • CentOS 7 (recommended)
  • CentOS 8 (coming soon!)

Each distribution of CentOS Linux is supported for quite a long time. During the support period, your CentOS will continue receiving critical security updates. Here are the expected EOL (End of Life) dates:

  • CentOS 5: already reached EOL! Upgrade to CentOS 7!
  • CentOS 6: November 30, 2020
  • CentOS 7: June 30, 2024

What about cPanel? cPanel is the leading web based software to convert your CentOS operating system into a web hosting management server, making it super easy to host websites, emails and more. cPanel works only with CentOS, and cPanel is also available at ColossusCloud. If you wish a CentOS VPS with cPanel, just click on the cPanel option while deploying your CentOS VPS.

And with ColossusCloud, your CentOS VPS will enjoy:

  • Very fast network connections, powered by the Internet's top providers, such as Level3, Cogent, Zayo, Telstra and others.
  • Xeon E5 CPUs by Intel; Xeon Scalable CPUs coming soon!
  • Ceph based distributed, 100% SSD storage for your VPS.
  • Fully redundant 10g/40g network.

Looking for the best in CentOS VPS hosting? To buy/deploy your new CentOS virtual server, at affordable and cheap prices, just sign up on the form to the left. You will have a new CentOS VPS running in just minutes!

To learn more about CentOS and cPanel, visit the following links:

And to learn in great detail what a VPS is, read the article entitled What is a VPS? It is quite detailed and educational.

Deploy a CentOS VPS Today!

The next generation of VPS Hosting: scalable, customizable.


  • Name
  • RAM
  • SSD Disk
  • Bandwidth
  • CPU
  • Price
  • G3.1
  • 1 GB
  • 30 GBs
  • 2000 GBs
  • 2 Xeon E5 vCPUs
  • $5.00/month


  • G3.2
  • 2 GBs
  • 50 GBs
  • 3000 GBs
  • 2 Xeon E5 vCPUs
  • $10.00/month


  • G3D.2
  • 2 GBs
  • 500 GBs
  • 3000 GBs
  • 2 Xeon E5 vCPUs
  • $40.00/month


  • G3.4
  • 4 GBs
  • 80 GBs
  • 4000 GBs
  • 4 Xeon E5 vCPUs
  • $20.00/month


  • G3D.4
  • 4 GBs
  • 1,000 GBs
  • 4000 GBs
  • 4 Xeon E5 vCPUs
  • $80.00/month


  • G3.8 Most Popular!
  • 8 GBs
  • 160 GBs
  • 6000 GBs
  • 8 Xeon E5 vCPUs
  • $35.00/month


  • G3D.8
  • 8 GBs
  • 2,000 GBs
  • 6000 GBs
  • 8 Xeon E5 vCPUs
  • $160.00/month


  • G3.12
  • 12 GBs
  • 200 GBs
  • 8000 GBs
  • 8 Xeon E5 vCPUs
  • $49.00/month


  • G3M.16
  • 16 GBs
  • 300 GBs
  • 10000 GBs
  • 8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

    $60.00/month $80/month


    $80.00/month $100/month

  • G3M.32
  • 32 GBs
  • 400 GBs
  • 12000 GBs
  • 8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

    $120.00/month $160/month


    $140.00/month $180/month

  • G3M.48
  • 48 GBs
  • 400 GBs
  • 14000 GBs
  • 8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

    $180.00/month $240/month


    $200.00/month $270/month

  • G3M.64
  • 64 GBs
  • 500 GBs
  • 16000 GBs
  • 8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

    $240.00/month $320/month


    $260.00/month $360/month

  • G3M.96
  • 96 GBs
  • 700 GBs
  • 20000 GBs
  • 8 Xeon E5 vCPUs

    $300.00/month $480/month


    $320.00/month $530/month

  • Try us risk-free! You are protected by our 14 day money back guarantee!

  • For volume buyers, we can create custom sizes and prices specific to your needs! Contact Us!

Your Favorite Linux Distros Available.

From Debian to RedHat, we got you covered.

  • linux
  • CentOS 6

    CentOS 7

    Debian 8

    Debian 9

    Fedora 26

    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    Windows also available!

linux distributions available for your VPS

We are the Linux Experts.

All major Linux distributions are available for deployment with ColossusCloud at our Amsterdam location, as well as five others around the world.

  • centos vps servers Centos
  • fedora vps servers Fedora
  • ubuntu vps servers Ubuntu
  • debian vps servers Debian

CentOS and cPanel VPS Servers Available at 6 Locations Around the World.

Deploy your Linux or Windows servers closer to you and/or
your target audience for the best and fastest performance.

  • Silicon Valley, California
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Ashburn, Virginia
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Singapore

our six locations where you can deploy your vps: silicon valley, las vegas, dallas, ashburn virginia, amsterdam and singapore

Coming Soon!

We are opening brand new locations in 2019 for our VPS hosting cloud platform! This includes more locations in America, Europe and Asia. Stay tuned!

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