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You may be hearing promises of 100% server uptime, but what is the reality?

Here at ColossusCloud, we like to educate our clients on the subject of server downtime so that they can be as well-prepared as possible to handle it. Because server downtime is not a question of if,

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Double the CPU

Double the CPU for free!

As we continue adding capacity to our cloud virtualization product, ColossusCloud, we realized that we have too much unused CPU power available. Thus, we have decided to double the number of CPU cores available to most of our packages!

Take a look at ColossusCloud's pricing

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There is no longer a need for dedicated servers priced below $100/month. But when you need a dedicated server, then take a look at our new line of dedicated servers at our parent company, ServerPoint.com.

browse our dedicated server plans and prices

At ColossusCloud, we've built an incredible platform to deploy virtual servers. With the

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Why do most cloud providers go somewhere else?

Map of United Kingdom represents colossus cloud servers

Aside from some legal and corporate reasons related to doing business in the United Kingdom, there is a far more technical reason as to why most providers, including us, locate their cloud data centers somewhere else: Internet exchange peerings points.

And the

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Have you ever seen a unicorn?

The Truth about Free VPS

Here's the truth: unlike standard web hosting, where a low end server can host thousands of web sites and some companies can offer such service for free, running virtual servers is a very expensive operation.

At ColossusCloud, virtual servers do not share resources. We

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Without CloudLinux, cPanel just simply isn't the best.

cPanel and CloudLinux: the Perfect Combination

cPanel is one of the success stories of the web hosting industry. It is the leading software used to turn an ordinary CentOS based Linux server, whether it is a virtual server or a dedicated (bare meta) server, into a full fledged

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So many terms for the same thing... no wonder it is confusing!

The Terms Virtual Servers, VPS Hosting, Cloud VPS, VDS Explained

What is "the cloud"? What is VPS Hosting? What is a virtual server?

These terms, along with many others, have been coined in the industry and by the media for many years now. Yet, what are they? Are

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